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 Handmade Assembly

The Original

Wooden Bristle Brushes  


A well-known hair stylist in Milan who worked with models developed the WIDU® concept. He was concerned that the constant washing of hair and heat from the photographic lights dried the scalp. As he felt that boar bristle and nylon bristle brushes had the tendency to both scratch the scalp and tear the hair, so he developed the wooden bristles. The brushes are handmade in Italy by adult native artisans that have perfected their skills over the last thirty years. No child labor is utilized. Our products are of impeccable old world quality and long lasting value unlike many of our imitators.

 After an extensive study and research the hard white wood of the hornbeam tree was chosen for the bristles. Horn beam is in the birch family and has a strong resistance to breakage and maintains its exceptional smooth qualities.

 The WIDU® Wooden Bristle brush is all-natural. Neither animal by-products nor synthetic materials are used in its manufacture. It is an animal and cruelty-free product. We have discovered that:

 1. Wooden bristles gently massage the scalp and move natural oils through the hair. The brushes aid in scalp massage, blood circulation, excess sebum absorption and the removal hair impurities.

 2. Massaging the scalp helps promote hair growth and stimulate acupressure points.

 3. The combination of wood and natural antistatic rubber helps to prevent flyaway hair.

 4. When exposed to a blow dryer, the brush stays cool because wood and rubber do not conduct heat. When hair is wet the wooden bristles glide easily through the tangles.

 5. The brushes and combs are naturally hypoallergenic. The comb’s wooden teeth are turned and well finished so they do not tear at the hair. The majority of our brushes and combs are only finished with a protective coating of beeswax or purified linseed oil. 

6. Only wood suppliers who agree to a policy of Forest Stewardship Council sustainable forestation are utilized. This also applies to the African wood suppliers.


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 "Widu" offers an exquisite line of Italian hairbrushes made from Forest Stewardship Council certified wood.  Designed by a hair stylist in Milan, these brushes are handmade by artisans with impeccable old-world craftsmanship for long-lasting performance and durability. The wood bases of the Widu brushes are sustainably harvested from managed forests and finished naturally with purified linseed oil and beeswax.  A wide variety of ingeniously designed shapes, styles and sizes are available with both wooden bristles and natural boar bristles. Wood bristles are made from the smooth white wood of the hornbeam tree, chosen for its break-resistant grain. Wooden bristles can be replaced with individual replacement bristles, available in packs of 10, without impacting the overall brush. Ethically obtained wild boar bristles are hand-set into the boar bristle brushes. The supreme quality of all Widu handmade brushes is evident in the clever design and consummate character-they are clearly meant to last a lifetime. ( "


   Although we've received a wonderful response from the effects of WIDU® brushes on hair, the highest praise seems to come from their effect on the psyche!  One customer described the feeling as "lifting the mundane to practically the sublime".  WIDU® massage brushes carry this feeling to the rest of the body by reducing tension and fatigue as they stimulate circulation.


Everyone hopes that the products they buy will at least come close to the claims made.  Well, I can't believe the difference using your brush has made in my hair and scalp.  I look in the mirror and wonder whose hair that is - it is much less dry, more shiny and healthy looking.  As I continue to use it and get my hair trimmed I imagine it will be even better.  I do have to wash my hair a bit more often because it isn't dry but that is a small price to pay.  No static (and I have very fine curly hair) and it keeps its shape better.

Widu brushes are a great product.  You have a fan for life!         J DiAntonio


 "I bought my first Widu wooden brush in California 1980.  After nearly 30 years of great service, massaging my scalp and shaping my hair, it went AWOL in some hotel, I know not where. No, I had not mistreated it!  It was still perfect, with no signs of wear or age - unlike its owner!                                                         

 Now I have bought more Widu brushes for myself and family, and am overjoyed to find they are better than ever.  I attribute my lack of any scalp problems for 30 years to the daily massage of my Widu brush - and its wooden bristles feel so good!  My head and my heart thank you, Widu!

  Brenton Canberra, Australia

 Best hairbrush ever. Now I really do get why they are expensive. Because the quality is extraordinary. It really does beat out all the other wood bristle brushes I have used. For the first time, I experienced ecstatic shudders just from brushing my hair. It was like getting a deep scalp massage. I am a creature of intense touch, of extreme sensation, with focus on my head. A scalp massage will make me your best friend. Now I have an inanimate best friend that fits in my purse... I am in love.    J Paul

We have had a Widu large oval ash pneumatic brush for almost 20 years and we absolutely love it. There is nothing like it when it comes to comfort and function.  Giulia and Enrico Mezzacappa

My last brush lasted 20 years. I have sent many customers to you. Thanks for valuing quality.  Lisa Reid

I have been using one of your brushes for years but the rubber holding the wooden bristles has worn out. I am ordering the one now where I can just replace the rubber piece. I am 67 years old & get compliments all the time about my hair; I think it has to do with your brush. Thank you.

Linda Watson, Washington State






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