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 Why WIDU® & Why Wood?

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

What does WIDU® mean?

WIDU® (pronounced Wee do) is Old English for Wood.

How should I care for my brush and combs?

Use a soft cloth with a solution of mild soap and water.  Dry with a soft cloth.  You may swish the brush in a sink filled with mild soap and water but do not allow to soak for long periods of time in the water.  We like to tell our customers that to think of our wooden grooming tools like a wooden salad bowl.  Something that you wash and let dry bristle down on a soft towel but would not let soak in a sink full of water because that would damage the integrity of the item.  

I received my new brush and there is a bristle missing.

That is not a missing bristle.  That is an open hole so that air can get inside the brush and maintain the pneumatic action on certain styles. The hole also allows water to be pushed out after cleaning.

Are the wooden bristles replaceable?

Yes! Although we make the best quality product we know that accidents can happen.  The wooden bristles are replaceable and each brush comes with a packet of 5 extra bristles.  Just pull out the broken bristle with a pair of pliers and push in the new replacement bristle on a 45 degree side angle using a side to side motion. 

There is a lifetime replacement of 10 extra bristles for a $5.00  shipping and handling fee.  The replacement bristles will be shipped by USPS.  Please contact us by email, mail or phone.

You used to carry a line of match-head bristle brushes.  How can we order those?

The match-head bristle brushes were discontinued several years ago.  Of the baseball and match-head styles we felt that the baseball bristle was the better style for detangling and less apt to catch and pull hair.

Is there a replacement head for the Oval brushes?

We do not supply a replacement head for the fixed head Oval brushes.  They are glued in with a non-toxic adhesive and we are not able to supply this service due to general hygenic laws and also due to the fact that  the brushes are handmade in Italy. There are no brush manufacturers that offer this service in our industry. 

Do you have a Wholesale Program?

 We are always looking for more opportunties to get our exceptional products in the hands of consumers and look forward to hearing from retailers who would like to carry our products.  Click on the link below and fill out the questionaire.

 Interested in being a wholesaler? Please see our Information for our Wholesale Clients


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